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Advantages of Small Class Size in Martial Arts

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When you’re looking for a martial arts school, you may tend to think that the bigger the class size, the better the school is, right? But less is definitely more when it comes to class size—particularly in martial arts.

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More One-On-One Attention For Each Student
It Helps Prevent Injury
It Helps Instructors Teach More Efficiently
It Helps Students Feel Like Part Of a Community
Smaller Class Size = Big Benefits

A smaller class size is definitely a huge advantage when learning anything, and it’s extremely beneficial when practicing martial arts. Here are the big benefits you get when a martial arts school keeps its classes on the intimate side.

More One-On-One Attention For Each Student

Smaller student-teacher ratios are the key to success when learning martial arts. When you’re one of many students in any kind of large exercise class, you’re lucky if a teacher notices that you’re not quite in the right position or executing a movement properly. It also means that students can feel lost, and may not be able to ask questions as easily. And that disconnect can lead to dropping out of the class and giving up on learning the martial art.

But in a smaller class size, the teacher is better able to observe all students and be available to answer questions, give pointers, and offer individualized attention. And the student is really able to ask questions and get their money’s worth from the class.

Boabom classes are purposely kept on the small side for these reasons. It’s important to note that when a student receives one-on-one attention it is always for positive reinforcement. We’re dedicated to encouraging each student while helping them to understand each and every movement well. And if a student needs a little extra help with a movement we can always do a few extra repetitions—a small class helps us to see how each and every student is doing, so the teacher can recognize each students’ needs and help the whole class in the process.

It Helps Prevent Injury

A smaller class size can help prevent injuries from happening to you or fellow students. That’s because the teacher is able to see what everyone is doing and correct them before they hurt themselves.

If something feels weird or uncomfortable and you’re in a really big class, you may tend to avoid asking if you’re doing it right. A smaller, less intimidating class size means it will be easier to seek out advice from the teacher.

It Helps Instructors Teach More Efficiently

There’s a world of difference between a class size of 25 students and one that has six or eight. You can have the best teacher in the world, but a large class size can be overwhelming for both instructors and students.

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There’s simply not as much time for the teacher to give attention to each one of two dozen students. In a smaller class, the teacher can get to know each of their students, learning how they move and understanding what support or recommendations to give each student so they can improve and really learn.

It Helps Students Feel Like Part Of a Community

Smaller classes can help develop cohesion among students and a sense of belonging to a group or community of people with a shared interest. This is true for both online and in-person classes. Seeing the same people every week helps you form bonds and friendships, which is definitely going to motivate you to stick to the practice. You’ll also feel a sense of shared accomplishment as you train and progress together.

Smaller Class Size = Big Benefits

At the Boston School of Boabom, we strive to keep our classes small, with a maximum of 8-12 students, so that everyone can enjoy these benefits. This is true whether you take an online lesson with us or one of our in-person classes at our Brookline location.

Want to give Boabom a try? Check out our virtual on-demand and live streaming introductory classes to experience these small class benefits for yourself.


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