“Every day that I have come to class at the BSB, there has been an immediate sense of relief. The people that you meet are genuine and caring and the instructors are kind and patient. In most areas of my life, making mistakes and laughing them off is not permitted, I have found the opposite to be true at the BSB. Each week, something new is introduced so that we not only develop our skills, but so that we also remain humble and understand that there is much more to learn. When new students have joined the class, I have felt most comfortable and also the most humble. It is in those instances that I realize how much I can improve the basics and it is also when I realize how far I have come as a student.

There have been days when I’ve woken up feeling very stressed and anxious and have gone to class. The calming environment and the exercise wash all that away within minutes. It clears the mind in a unique way and has left me feeling renewed afterwards. I have always felt welcomed and supported as a student at the BSB. It is a great place to learn a beautiful martial art as well to clear your mind and focus your energies.

Lastly, I must say that the concept of “no contact and no competition” is one that has changed me in subtle ways. Competition often taints a really enjoyable experience if the participants focus too much on it. I feel safe coming to class and learning without worrying about how my classmates are progressing. I simply focus on the instructor and I work on myself. It gives me a great sense of acceptance of my own ability and contributes to the overall positive energy within the class. Essentially, it is pretty difficult to leave a class at the BSB without feeling amazing!”

Danielle C., Boston / student


“Thank you for a wonderful class. You are superb teachers, transforming the struggle of physical learning into a experience of joy.”

Larry W., Newton / MD


“I enjoy Seamm Jasani very much and my teacher is great and fun. I have always enjoyed high energy and creativity in this class. It helped me to achieve body equilibrium and restoration. My teacher’s explanations are always clear and the atmosphere at the lessons is very enjoyable. The most important part of this program for me is to pay attention to posture. I learned how to achieve effortless balance without strain. I have problems with my cervical muscles and disks and Seamm Jasani is the only training I feel no pain after the lessons. I think the secret is in its unique breathing pattern. Seamm Jasani is an ancient Art that anyone can follow.”

Lucy K., Boston / piano teacher


“I have been practicing Boabom for about 8 months. Within that time, I have been happy to witness a distinct physical transformation as well as an increased ability to focus. At first, the movements and the overall classes seemed fairly simple and not too rigorous. As my studies in the Art have progressed, the classes and movements have gradually become more complex and demanding, both physically and mentally, although never beyond my ability. The many movements I have learned work the entire body and have created equilibrium between all the muscle groups in my body which have helped me maintain better posture and have also helped to relieve me of occasional tendonitis flair ups. The concentration that is required to learn new movements has also helped me to increase my ability to focus.

I enjoy the seemingly endless sequence in which new movements are introduced, which keeps the class interesting and keeps the student wondering what will be learned in the next class. I am always looking forward to the next class and eager to teach my body to do new things. The classes have been taught in a very positive way and our teacher has always been very supportive, patient, and clear in the explanation of new movements.

I look forward to the knowledge that will be passed to me in the next stage and witnessing the physical, spiritual, and mental growth that will result in the acquisition of that knowledge. Although Boabom is an ancient Art, I feel that, in these days of cubicles, computers, and automobiles, is needed more than ever for its wellspring of personal health and wellness.”

Steve F., Roslindale / musician and teacher


“Why don’t you join our class? You’ll get a good workout and it will help you relax. You’ll forget about everything else during class, so busy we’ll be keeping your mind!” Yeah right! This guy is just trying to sell me something. But I liked the movements so I decided to give it a try anyway. If nothing else, it could be fun. To my amazement, after a few weeks I actually got a workout off of it, and a tough one at that! And all that talk about relaxation by keeping the mind busy with the class, being a skeptic I shamefully had to admit it did just that, no matter how often I decided while going to a class that I was so busy and stressed out this time it wouldn’t work. Who would have thought, Boabom rocks!”

Paul J., Brighton / MD


“Since the first day I have been learning a lot of new, exciting movements and techniques on the Art of Boabom. The classes have been challenging and engaging with thorough, detailed instructions, and our teacher is dedicated and helpful. The classes are serious yet unthreatening, so it has been a good learning environment for me. I hope to continue learning and gaining more physical and mental strength from the Art of Boabom. Although the classes are getting more difficult, I am excited to learn all the new movements and steps as I grow as a student.”

Toshiko F., Roslindale / teacher


“The best part of taking classes, aside from physically feeling great, is being with the people. The Art attracts a wonderful community. The teachers cultivate a positive and light energy that spills into their students. Whatever was going on for me during the day gets cleared up when I go to a class. I look forward to many more years of self-discovery and change.”

Sara B., Cambridge / yoga instructor


“…I have only the highest praise for the Boston School of Boabom, its instructors and students. Also, I would like to thank Asanaro and the Ancient Ones who have preserved this Art…”

Dennis C., Boston / visual artist, MFA


“I attend Boabom class to get a bit of exercise, to gain strength mentally, physically and spiritually, because if I believe in myself I can conquer obstacles and climb mountains of great heights.”

Alexandra P., Arlington / corporate travel coordinator


“Strength in Motion: that is my favorite visual image of Boabom. Thank you all for a very warm, welcoming teaching experience.”

Fred L., Boston / architect, PhD


“As I enter the tranquil setting of my class, the door to Seamm Jasani quietly opens and the Art invites my distracted mind and hurried body to cross the threshold of its oasis. We greet each other with respect and begin to breathe. And as the deep and cleansing breathing fills my body, my mind is awakened and ready to enter into this sacred and nurturing dance. Its fluid rhythm is measured by our mindful breathing that harmonizes and vibrates as this stillness in motion. An hour passes in a moment and I am relaxed, energized and restored – a transformation that brings equilibrium to my mind and body that now take leave in strength, wholeness and joy. The next invitation to partake of the Art cannot come too soon…”

Nancy K., Dedham / therapeutic harpist


“When I started to study this Art over nine months ago, I was not sure that I would or could continue. I was barely able to complete the simplest movements. My goals at that time were increased flexibility, improved coordination and concentration, as well as relief from pain. I was in near constant pain from my feet. These classes have had a dramatic influence upon me. I have achieved all of my goals and then some!…

I have gone from needing 12 to 16 ibuprofen per day to needing only 3 to 6 to relieve the pain in my feet…

My golf game has improved considerably as a result of my improved flexibility and concentration…

My outlook on life has transformed from looking for the negative to looking for the positive in all situations…

When I think back to my first few lessons I am amazed at my progress; going from being unable to maintain my balance during most movements to completing and mastering a whole cycle of them…

I have recommended these classes to friends and coworkers and would encourage anyone to practice this Art.”

Richard K., Newton / software developer and consultant


“Basically, this Art is not exercise for the lazy – but it has a magical effect on someone like me, who never sticks with any exercise program: it gives me an active connection between my mind and body, constant improvement, and a program I stick because it’s always new. While at first I was confused by its combination of (literally) jumpy activity and funny little exercises like eye motions, I soon learned that’s how it kept my attention.

It’s exercise that doesn’t require you to have bulging muscles, feet that can go behind your head, or six-pack abs. Nor does it ask you to behave like a monk or an athlete. Like any program it requires commitment, but gives you plenty of incentives to keep coming (constant progress; just enough formality to give it a “group effort” feel). It requires attention to really get anything out of it, but it rewards that attention with challenges you can meet.”

Michael B., Boston / musician and teacher