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Moving Meditation

Meditation is often thought of as something that can only be done by sitting or lying down and quieting the mind. But what many people don’t realize is that meditation can be practiced by physically moving as well. In fact, one of Boabom’s unique benefits is that you’ll find yourself

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Advantages of Small Class Size in Martial Arts

When you’re looking for a martial arts school, you may tend to think that the bigger the class size, the better the school is, right? But less is definitely more when it comes to class size—particularly in martial arts. Topics In This Article:  – More One-On-One Attention For Each Student

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Family doing Martial Arts practice

Building a Family Martial Arts Practice

Here at the Boston School of Boabom we not only offer classes specifically for children, but we can also arrange packages for families who wish to practice Boabom together. There are many benefits to learning Boabom as a family, beyond the obvious ones like getting in shape or learning self

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man training martial arts

Time Out: How to Warm Up Muscles Safely & Effectively

Have you ever been taught how to warm up muscles before you stretch? No matter what variety of martial arts you practice at home, it’s really important to start with a good warm-up. Warming up the body before doing any kind of physical activity not only prepares it for the

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A man practices Boabom

What Are Non Contact Martial Arts?

When first encountering Boabom, many people ask what we mean by non contact martial arts. Most martial arts that many people have practiced or seen in movies or on TV are a physical activity that involves contact, whether striking, taking, or throwing another person. So for many of us the

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Can You Really Learn Martial Arts Online?

Online learning is nothing new. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our everyday lives, people turned to the internet to learn all sorts of new skills, from playing music to making sushi. Learning Martial Arts at Home We can develop and practice many interests on our own, without a teacher

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