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Meditation is often thought of as something that can only be done by sitting or lying down and quieting the mind. But what many people don’t realize is that meditation can be practiced by physically moving as well. In fact, one of Boabom’s unique benefits is that you’ll find yourself entering a meditative state while you practice it, through intentional movement and breathing. 

This makes Boabom a great practice for anyone who struggles with the idea of staying still and trying to focus their thoughts. We hear from people all the time who tell us that it’s really difficult for them to sit or lie down and meditate. That’s because the mind can be like a rambunctious little kid, who is always on the move, exploring, and easily distracted. This tendency can make seated meditation difficult for many beginners as they struggle to quiet the mind amidst the constant stream of thoughts and perceptions. With Boabom, we use movement to help us to step outside this stream, to quiet the mind through the best of both worlds: exercise and mindfulness together.

What Is Moving Meditation?

Moving meditation is exactly what it sounds like: entering a meditative state while moving. The concept really isn’t anything new; there are moving meditation practices dating back thousands of years, from around the world. There are Christian walking meditation practices, including walking meditations based around labyrinths; Yogic practices of moving meditation; the spinning of the Sufi whirling “dervishes;” and Qigong and Tai Chi, both from China, that incorporate deliberate slow movement and breathing to bring our thoughts into focus. Just to name a few!

Boabom too has a long history of bringing mind and body together to create meditation through movement. By practicing a wide variety of movements in combination with deep, consistent breathing, we learn body awareness and mindfulness as we practice this intentional movement. By continually advancing through a progression of movements we avoid a reliance on routine; instead of wandering the mind stays present, in the body, in the moment, away from its usual trajectories of work, money, and everyday responsibilities.

Whether our goal in meditation is to reduce stress, increase quietude, learn more about ourselves, or create a spiritual connection, we want to find a way to bring the mind along, to exit, however briefly, the constant stream of thoughts, to tame the distraction of our childlike brain. By staying in movement we have an easy way to accomplish this. 

Yet in order to maintain this meditative practice we need to avoid repetition. Too many physical activities are overly repetitive, which not only over works the body but also allows the mind, perhaps challenged early on by the new ideas, to wander again once it has mastered the fundamental techniques. Boabom, instead, challenges us through its progressive nature. Every class we learn new movements that build upon the previous, and in this always challenges us to remain present, in the body, with a quiet, focused mind moving in deep meditation.

Benefits of Moving Meditation

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As mentioned, a moving meditation practice is great for anyone who finds it difficult to do a seated/still meditation. In fact, because the mind always learns and adapts, we can become more able to sit, concentrate, and learn seated meditation just by practicing moving meditation consistently.

Moving meditation also delivers all of the same benefits that still meditation can: decreased stress and anxiety levels, better sleep and concentration, deeper awareness and mindfulness. And over time you’ll experience the present moment not just in class, but outside it as well as you develop an increasingly powerful resilience to life’s everyday stresses. 

And of course, with moving meditation you also enjoy increased flexibility, muscle strength, coordination, and energy—all because you’re physically moving your body.

Moving meditation can also be an excellent addition to an ongoing seated meditation practice. If you have experience with meditation you may find a moving meditation practice like Boabom to be not only an excellent complement to your seated practice, but also more rewarding than many other types of exercise.

There’s no One-Size-Fits-All in Meditation

It’s important to note that there’s no one form of meditation that is right for everyone. Meditation is personal. Some people find it really easy to stay still and listen to a meditation while others need some form of movement to help them focus their thoughts. And even with moving meditation, some people like slower movements while others are stimulated by quicker exercises. 

That’s why we recommend trying a few meditation practices to see which ones resonate with you.

Ready to Give Moving Meditation a Try?

If you’d like to try moving meditation out firsthand, you can try one of our free Boabom classes. Start your journey with our free live introductory class on both gentle and fast Boabom to see which one is right for you. We look forward to introducing you to the world of meditation in movement!


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