Pricing & FAQ

What is the cost of classes?

* The cost of classes is $80/month. This allows you to attend once or twice per week (within the same Art, either Seamm-Jasani (gentle) or Boabom (defense).

* This is a monthly fee and is payable in advance of the upcoming month of classes.

* All of our classes are progressive, meaning you must sign up for a specific day and time. We do not offer drop-in classes.

Class schedules

Are there cycles and should I start at a specific point?

Boabom is taught progressively, so you always begin in a class of beginners. The classes move ever forward, so you learn new movements each and every class, forming a chain of increasing complexity only as you are able to achieve it. Thus you are always challenged, but never to the point of anxiety or frustration–Boabom and Seamm Jasani are designed specifically to encourage the student with a positive progression, continually mastering new movements and facing conquerable challenges. This is a path that never ends.

How long is each class?

All classes last 1 hour.

Are the classes listed on the site the only classes you offer?

The listed classes are only the beginner classes-our newest offerings. We offer many other classes which are filled by students who have progressed within the school. If you study at the Boston School of Boabom, your class will soon be no longer listed on the website as you advance through the Art.

I see two different classes listed at the same time. How is that?

We have two classrooms in our school, so we often have two classes running simultaneously.

Do you offer discount rates?

Yes, we offer different discounts (you can ask only for one of them):

* Full time students and senior citizens have a $20 discount.

* Families that share a household have a $20 discount for each additional family member after the first. For example, if there are three family members, the first one pays the full rate, the second and third both get a $20 discount.

* New students that bring the book “The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani” have a one time $15 discount.

What do I need to wear to attend a class?

We suggest you bring comfortable pants and a t-shirt. Classes may be taken either bare foot or with socks.

Do you hold competitions?

The Boston School of Boabom is non-competitive, non-hierarchical, and does not participate in tournaments or demonstrations. It follows the ancient ways, and is devoted solely to the transmission of its Arts.

Are there other Boabom resources?

Absolutely. Please check out the following resources about the Art of Boabom: