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kids in karate position in Somerville MAAn excellent alternative to Yoga, Tai-Chi, and martial arts, the Boabom Arts provide quick stress relief while helping you develop vitality and internal energy. As you progress through the practice, you will find your body becoming stronger and your mind more resilient. The Boston School of Boabom is the principal school in North America devoted to this art of meditation, relaxation, and self-defense. Located near Somerville, we offer individual and group classes, both in person and online, for adults and children. Get in touch today to schedule your free intro class!

Just some of the services we offer our Somerville students:

  • Breathing Courses
  • Online Meditation Class
  • Boabom for Kids
  • Gentle Boabom
  • Gentle Martial Arts
  • Free Meditation Classes Online
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Boabom Meditation
  • Breathing Classes
  • Movement Classes
  • Osseous Boabom
  • Martial Arts Program
  • Private Classes
  • Meditation Seminar
  • Relaxation Class
  • Boabom Martial Art

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Online & In-Person Movement Classes & Meditation School in Somerville
Some of the services we offer our Somerville students
More About Boston School of Boabom in Somerville
Details About Our Somerville Area Martial Arts Program
Somerville Meditation Classes
Online Martial Arts Classes
Online Breathing & Meditation Classes
Boabom and Tai Chi – What is the Difference
Boabom Classes vs Yoga Classes – Do They Compare
Team Building Martial Arts Classes
Meditation Sessions for Businesses
Boston School of Boabom Reviews
About Somerville, MA
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Details About Our Somerville Area Martial Arts Program

We at the Boston School of Boabom teach Yaanbao, Boabom and Seamm-Jasani, three kinds of no-contact martial arts that incorporate aspects of breathing, self defense, meditation and mindfulness. With their roots in ancient Tibet these techniques help our students to diffuse anxiety and stress while feeling more centered in their day to day life. Our Somerville area classes are available in one-on-one and group settings for both children and adults, led by our gentle, patient trainers.

Whilst classified as one of the martial arts, Boabom and its subdivisions don’t use any contact and are not competitive, consequently they teach students ways to leverage defense strategies without showing any aggression to fellow participants. Boabom students grow in confidence through mastering different movements every week which enlarge on the earlier lessons. This martial arts program helps you to enhance your self-control, agility, speed, reflexes, balance, breathing, and more to develop your self confidence and maintain peace of mind as you face life’s challenges. You can check out our free introductory adult martial arts classes every Saturday and Wednesday.

Somerville Meditation Classes

Meditation is an ancient Indian practice which has purpose more than ever in our stressful and demanding modern day world. Integrating mindfulness and breath control techniques, meditation is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress. A number of studies have established that meditation techniques can reduce high blood pressure, fight depression and improve sleep. Youngsters together with adults can be helped by applying regular meditation.

You can learn to meditate at the Boston School of Boabom. Our still and seated meditations in the Somerville area unite sound, breathing, imagination and visualization to help slow down racing thoughts and our often critical inner voice. Our fully trained teachers walk you through every stage of a mindfulness meditation session, including gradually drawing you out of it afterwards. Our contented students report feeling refreshed, more centered, and ready to face the remainder of the day after a meditation lesson. The Boabom approach to meditation is called “the recycling of the mind” and among other things features stretching movements to help loosen-up the body and relieve muscular tension.

Online Martial Arts Classes

Taking martial arts classes on the web is a fantastic means by which to combat anxiety and get exercise through the coronavirus pandemic, or at times when your lifestyle requires the convenience of taking lessons in your own home. Taking martial arts lessons on the web also helps you feel a connection with other folks with the same interest, in spite of the fact that you will not be literally standing beside them. If you don’t have access to a martial arts school that teaches one of the disciplines on the internet, YouTube is a terrific resource to discover free training. You can also speak to a local martial arts school to determine if they are holding live streaming classes or providing online services.

Online Breathing & Meditation Classes

To help continue providing our services throughout the coronavirus outbreak and to make our meditation lessons more accessible to the public, we at the Boston School of Boabom have started offering online meditation and breathing lessons. Sessions are carried out on the web via Zoom on Saturday mornings at 11 AM. The hour-long online guided meditation is taught by Yemado, our director. You may expect the same breathing and stretching techniques as you do in our usual in-person meditation classes. You will discover that this is an effective way to help reduce any stress and anxiety that you might be experiencing throughout these uncertain days. Students can join online. Optional donations can be made, but are not mandatory to take part.

Boabom and Tai Chi – What is the Difference?

Seeing as Boabom can be taught as a substitute for Tai Chi, one might wonder what is the difference? Both use breathing techniques and bodily moves to reduce tension, develop strength, and help practitioners feel more at one with themselves.

The key distinction is that Boabom is still considered to be a sort of martial art despite the fact that it is a non-competitive medium, whilst Tai Chi is principally a sort of exercise, even though one which relies on suppressing your thoughts and using special breathing techniques. Boabom’s development was in ancient Tibet while Tai Chi started in China.

Boabom sometimes also features the use of accessories such as short staffs for performing some of the moves, and therefore giving the discipline a little more of a self defense feel. Boabom has also got subcategories which are known as osseous Boabom (traditional Boabom) and Seamm-Jasani (also called gentle Boabom), while there is just one sort of Tai Chi.

Boabom Classes vs Yoga Classes – Do They Compare?

Both Boabom and yoga are good at developing agility and balance along with reducing stress and anxiety, however do they really compare? The main difference is that yoga is not a branch of martial arts while Boabom certainly is. Boabom may be learned in lessons as a non-competitive, no-contact kind of martial arts, however some of the moves may still be classified under self defense. Boabom can also use implements such as short staffs that remind us of its beginnings in the martial arts of the past.

Yoga does not come under the umbrella term of self defense, but it does require similar breathing exercises and performing a variety of moves to limber up the muscles and release stress. There are also many forms of yoga that range from gentle to more strenuous stretches and workouts, together with the popular hot yoga. Your own specific preferences will determine if Boabom or yoga is best for you.

Team Building Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts classes are an excellent team building strategy for your employees which can also help them to feel more effective at work, overcome stress and develop mindfulness. It is possible for your workers to physically attend a martial arts class, or take part in one by using Zoom online. It is also possible to have a martial arts teacher come to your workplace and carry out a class rather than taking a kickboxing, yoga or tai chi class.

There are plenty of disciplines of martial arts to consider for your staff members. Some call for more contact, like jiu jitsu and karate, whilst Boabom is a no-contact, non-competitive type of martial arts. Your team may also want to have a go at a tai chi or yoga lesson as another way to relieve the stresses or work.

Meditation Sessions for Businesses

Help your workers deal with stress and increase productivity by letting them take part in business meditation sessions. You can enroll for a meditation class physically at the studio or via Zoom, or have a meditation instructor come to your place of business. Learning meditation techniques can have beneficial effects on a person’s home life, along with time spent at work.

Boston School of Boabom Reviews

“I was a student at Boston Boabom, and my experience was very nice. Excellent teachers, with great optimism and support for their students. A unique and very relaxed atmosphere. I liked the way of teaching and the Boabom Art, very dinamic and eficient. I hope to visit Boston Boabom again soon. See you!” Lanatelar Textil

“I really liked taking classes here. The art is great exercise and I like practicing it. I haven’t been back in a while because I can’t afford it, but I still practice some moves at home. One of my concerns is that there isn’t always enough stretching, although I understand there are limitations due to the length of classes. I feel like this is more important for people that don’t do yoga, or other stretches outside of the art.

This is the only location in the US. I really believe them that it is an ancient art, because if you’ve seen students spar in the highest levels, you can easily see how different it is from other martial art forms. One of the things that distinguishes Boabom, is they practice non-contact fighting because you will be taught how to hurt people if you ever need to. It is better this way for the health of people involved, but also because you really know what to do if you ever need to. In a lot of other schools, people get hurt learning to fight, but that doesn’t happen in Boabom.

I liked having the chance to have deep conversations with people before and after classes. I feel that most students are friendly and more spiritually advanced than the average person. I’d like to start going again some day. I learned a lot of valuable life skills from being a part of Boston Boabom.” Andrew

Martial Arts Classes Somerville, MA
33A Harvard St #201, Brookline, MA 02445

About Somerville, MA

A Middlesex County city Somerville’s population is 81,562. It’s the most densely populated municipality of the New England region. It has gained the title of the best-run city in MA. Somerville has received the All-America City Award thrice. Previously the area what is the present-day Somerville was referred to as Beyond the Neck. It saw settlement gradually in this otherwise grazing and farmland expanse. It was referred to as Stinted Pasture or Cow Commons. The Blessing of The Bay is the first Massachusetts ship that launched here. Though built for trading it was used as New England Coasts patrol boat. This was seen as the precursor to the US Navy. One of the earliest highways was laid here. Somerville has been a part of the Milk Row which enabled dairy farmers to reach the market easily to sell their produce. It played an active role in the American Revolution War.

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