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karate woman and man in karate position in Roxbury MAAn excellent alternative to Yoga, Tai-Chi, and martial arts, the Boabom Arts provide quick stress relief while helping you develop vitality and internal energy. As you progress through the practice, you will find your body becoming stronger and your mind more resilient. The Boston School of Boabom is the principal school in North America devoted to this art of meditation, relaxation, and self-defense. Located near Roxbury, we offer individual and group classes, both in person and online, for adults and children. Get in touch today to schedule your free intro class!

Just some of the services we offer our Roxbury students:

  • Private Classes
  • Boabom for Kids
  • Boabom Martial Art
  • Osseous Boabom
  • Free Meditation Classes Online
  • Boabom Meditation
  • Relaxation Class
  • Gentle Martial Arts
  • Breathing Courses
  • Meditation Seminar
  • Gentle Boabom
  • Movement Classes
  • Martial Arts Program
  • Online Meditation Class
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Breathing Classes

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Online & In-Person Movement Classes & Meditation School in Roxbury
Some of the services we offer our Roxbury students
More About Boston School of Boabom in Roxbury
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Meditation Classes in Roxbury
Online Martial Arts Classes
Breathing & Meditation Classes Online
What’s the Difference Between Boabom and Tai Chi
Boabom Classes vs Yoga Classes – How do They Compare
Business Martial Arts Classes
Meditation Sessions for Businesses
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About Our Martial Arts Program in Roxbury

We at the Boston School of Boabom teach Seamm-Jasani, Boabom and Yaanbao, three no-contact forms of martial arts that incorporate aspects of meditation, self defense, breathing and mindfulness. With their roots in historic Tibet these techniques help our students diffuse stress and anxiety while feeling much more centered in their daily life. Our classes in the Roxbury area are offered in one-on-one and group environments for adults and children, conducted by our gentle, caring tutors.

Even though it is classified as one of the martial arts, Boabom and its subcategories don’t involve contact and are non-competitive, consequently they teach people ways to use self defense tactics without showing any aggression to other trainees. Students develop by learning new motions weekly which build on the prior classes. This martial arts training course helps you to enhance your agility, self-control, breathing, speed, balance, reflexes, and more to increase your self confidence and maintain peace of mind as you navigate the challenges of life. Why not check out our introductory and free adult Boabom classes every Saturday and Wednesday?

Meditation Classes in Roxbury

Meditation is a practice originating in ancient India that has purpose more than ever in our demanding modern day world. Integrating breath control and mindfulness techniques, meditation is an effective way to lessen stress and anxiety. Many studies have shown that meditation techniques can reduce high blood pressure, ward off depression and improve sleep. Children along with adults can be helped by applying regular meditation.

You can learn to practice meditation at the Boston School of Boabom. Our still and seated meditations in Roxbury unite breathing, visualization, sound and imagination to help slow down our sometimes critical inner voice and our racing thoughts. Our excellent tutors walk you through every stage of a mindfulness meditation session, including gently drawing you out of it. Our contented trainees report feeling refreshed, more centered, and better able to face the rest of the day following a meditation session. The Boabom approach to meditation is known as “the recycling of the mind” and among other things includes stretching poses to help loosen-up the body and break up muscular tension.

Online Martial Arts Classes

Taking martial arts classes on the internet is an excellent means by which to combat anxiety and get a bit of exercise during the coronavirus pandemic, or at times when your way of life calls for the ability to take lessons from the comfort of your home. Online martial arts sessions also help you feel connected to others having the same interests, even though you will not be actually standing alongside them. If you haven’t got access to a martial arts school that teaches a discipline online, YouTube is an excellent resource to discover free training. It might also be a good idea to speak to a local martial arts school to determine if they may be holding live streaming classes or offering online programs.

Breathing & Meditation Classes Online

To help continue providing our services during the coronavirus epidemic and to make our meditation sessions more accessible to the public, we at the Boston School of Boabom have started providing online breathing and meditation classes. Lessons are carried out on the web by means of Zoom at 11.00am each Saturday morning. The online guided meditation last for one hour and is taught by our director Yemado. You should expect precisely the same breathing and stretching techniques as you do in our normal in-person meditation classes. This is a great solution to help ease any anxiety and stress that you may be experiencing throughout these distressing times. Participants are able to register online. Optional donations can be made, but are not required to take part.

What’s the Difference Between Boabom and Tai Chi?

Since Boabom can be taught as an alternative to Tai Chi, you might wonder what differences there are. Both disciplines use bodily movements and deep breathing to reduce stress, develop strength, and help people to feel more at one with themselves.

The principal difference is that Boabom is still considered to be a sort of martial art even though it’s a non-competitive medium, whilst Tai Chi is mainly a type of exercise, even though one that depends on quieting your thoughts and employing special breathing techniques. Tai Chi began in China, while Boabom developed in ancient Tibet.

Boabom also incorporates the use of accessories such as short staffs to accomplish some of the movements, and giving the practice a little more of a self-defense type feel. Boabom has also got subcategories which are known as osseous Boabom (traditional Boabom) and Seamm-Jasani (also called gentle Boabom), while there’s just one type of Tai Chi.

Boabom Classes vs Yoga Classes – How do They Compare?

Both Boabom and yoga are great at developing agility and balance in addition to reducing anxiety and stress, but how do the two really compare? The chief difference is that yoga is not a martial arts discipline like Boabom is. Boabom may be learned in sessions as a no-contact, non-competitive martial art, but a number of the movements are still classified as self defense. Boabom can also use implements such as short staffs which harp back to its origins in the martial arts of the past.

Yoga doesn’t come under the umbrella term of self defense, although it does require similar breathing exercises and executing an assortment of postures to release stress and warm up the muscles. Yoga also comes in many styles which vary from gentle to more intense stretches and exercises, together with the widely popular hot yoga. Whether Boabom or yoga is right for you depends upon your own individual preferences.

Business Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts classes for adults is a winning team building strategy for your workforce that can also help them to feel more effective at work, overcome stress and develop mindfulness. Your work team can physically attend a martial arts class, or get involved in one via Zoom online. We also offer the opportunity for you to have a martial arts instructor visit your place of work and run a class as an alternative to taking a tai chi, yoga or kickboxing session.

You will find there are various categories of martial arts to contemplate for your employees. Some involve more contact, like karate and jiu jitsu, while Boabom is a no-contact, non-competitive martial art. Your workforce may also want to have a go at a yoga or tai chi lesson as another way to alleviate on-the-job stress.

Meditation Sessions for Businesses

Enhance productivity and help your staff manage stress by allowing them to take part in business meditation lessons. You can attend a meditation class in-studio or via Zoom, or you can have a meditation teacher visit your workplace. Learning meditation techniques can have beneficial effects on a staff member’s home life, as well as time spent on the job.

Boston School of Boabom Reviews

“I saw an ad for Boabom (“Bo-ah-bomb”) a few years ago on the T, and I was curious. The ad made it look like yoga, but the website promised something more like martial arts. I went to the free Saturday intro class, and decided to give it a shot.

The instructors of Boabom will tell you that it is “meditation through movement”. To the rest of us, it’s a great form of exercise that will improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, breathing and leave your head clear at the end of class. You can follow the core “Boabom” classes, which focus on strength and speed, or try Seamm Jasani (pronounced See-ahhm Ha-sah-nee), which is much slower. I’ve seen people practice from age 8 into their 70’s.

Boabom isn’t taught like most forms of self defense, in that you don’t spar. You will practice carefully with each other, but there is no hitting, leaving you bruised or hurt. If you’re looking to learn how to fight someone, this isn’t for you. But over time you WILL learn how to defend yourself effectively, getting into shape as you do so.

In every class, you learn something new. Every class. There are so many different movements, that you progressively add new ones, and leave others behind as you have mastered them. This keeps classes interesting, instead of having the same session week after week.

I practiced Boabom for three years before moving to Somerville. As much as I love it, the trek to Brookline is too long to keep up regularly. I would still be there if I lived closer, though.

If you’re looking for a good workout, for something that’s different, I’d give Boabom a try!” Alex

“Always chill, the Boabom School is where I go to exercise and relax every week. Every class is different and challenging, and the teachers are always energetic and inspiring.” Russen Guggemos

Martial Arts Classes Roxbury, MA
33A Harvard St #201, Brookline, MA 02445

About Roxbury, MA

This neighborhood of Boston has a population of 48,287. This dissolved municipality Roxbury which was previously called Rocksberry found cultivating crops challenging because of its rocky soil. It was one of the first towns founded in MA Bay Colony. There are community gardens formed here and the city’s first urban farms have been developed. This helps create resources to sell fresh produce at a low cost. And it also enables to create programs to donate to help feed people who are in care facilities and shelters. There are measures to help underprivileged in the area like the youth centers and social service centers. It has been a center for trade and transport when it was a town. It’s the place where the first meeting house was built. There exist some of the old wooden structures even now. It developed the farming of Roxbury russet apple that are best suited for cider.

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