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kids in karate position in Dorchester MAAn excellent alternative to Yoga, Tai-Chi, and martial arts, the Boabom Arts provide quick stress relief while helping you develop vitality and internal energy. As you progress through the practice, you will find your body becoming stronger and your mind more resilient. The Boston School of Boabom is the principal school in North America devoted to this art of meditation, relaxation, and self-defense. Located near Dorchester, we offer individual and group classes, both in person and online, for adults and children. Get in touch today to schedule your free intro class!

Just some of the services we offer our Dorchester students:

  • Boabom Meditation
  • Martial Arts Program
  • Meditation Seminar
  • Boabom for Kids
  • Movement Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Gentle Martial Arts
  • Osseous Boabom
  • Boabom Martial Art
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Relaxation Class
  • Gentle Boabom
  • Online Meditation Class
  • Breathing Classes
  • Free Meditation Classes Online
  • Breathing Courses

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Online & In-Person Movement Classes & Meditation School in Dorchester
Some of the services we offer our Dorchester students
More About Boston School of Boabom in Dorchester
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Dorchester Meditation Classes
Online Martial Arts Classes
Online Breathing & Meditation Classes
Boabom and Tai Chi – What is the Difference
Yoga Classes vs Boabom Classes – What is the Comparison
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About Our Dorchester Martial Arts Program

The Boston School of Boabom teaches Boabom, Yaanbao and Seamm-Jasani, three no-contact sorts of martial arts which include aspects of self defense, meditation, mindfulness and breathing. These ancient Tibetan practices help our trainees in diffusing anxiety and stress whilst feeling far more centered in their everyday life. Our Dorchester area classes are available in group and private one-on-one settings for adults and children, and are conducted by our supportive, gentle trainers.

Though normally regarded as a martial art, Boabom and its subcategories are non-competitive and don’t involve contact, so they show students ways to employ defense tactics without showing any aggressiveness to other participants. Boabom students grow in confidence by mastering new moves weekly which enlarge on the prior lessons. Our martial arts training course helps enhance your self-control, speed, reflexes, agility, breathing and balance give you greater peace of mind and develop your self-confidence as you face the challenges of life. Why don’t you make the most of our free introductory adult Boabom classes every Saturday and Wednesday?

Dorchester Meditation Classes

Meditation is a practice originating in ancient India that has more purpose than ever in our stress filled modern world. Incorporating breath control and mindfulness practices, meditation is a highly effective way to lessen anxiety and stress. A number of research studies have established that meditation techniques can reduce high blood pressure, fight depression and improve sleep. Children along with adults may benefit from applying meditation.

You’re able to learn to practice meditation at the Boston School of Boabom. Our seated and still meditations in the Dorchester area unite visualization, breathing, imagination and sound to help slow down our often critical inner voice and our racing thoughts. Our teachers lead you through each phase of a guided mindfulness meditation, as well as gradually easing you out of it. Our happy meditation students report feeling refreshed, more centered, and ready to take on the remainder of their day after a meditation session. The meditation approach used by Boabom is referred to as “the recycling of the mind” and involves stretching movements to help in loosening up the body and break up muscular tension.

Online Martial Arts Classes

Online martial arts classes are a great way to tackle stress and get some exercise during the coronavirus pandemic, or at times when your way of life requires the convenience of taking classes in the comfort of your home. Taking martial arts classes online also helps you feel connected to other people having the same interests, regardless that you may not be standing alongside them physically. If you don’t have access to a martial arts class which gives instruction in a discipline on the internet, YouTube is a great resource for obtaining free lessons. It would also be a good idea to contact martial arts schools locally to find out if they may be streaming live classes or offering online programs.

Online Breathing & Meditation Classes

To help with providing our services during the coronavirus pandemic and to make our meditation classes more accessible to the general public, the Boston School of Boabom has begun offering online breathing and meditation sessions. Instruction is carried out on the web by means of Zoom at 11.00am every Saturday morning. The online guided meditation last for one hour and is taught by Yemado, our director. You can anticipate the exact same stretching and breathing techniques as you do in our standard on-site meditation sessions. You will discover that this is a brilliant way to help reduce any stress and anxiety that you might be dealing with throughout these uncertain days. Interested participants can enroll online. A donation is optional, but not mandatory to take part.

Boabom and Tai Chi – What is the Difference?

As Boabom is often learned as a substitute for Tai Chi, one might wonder precisely what differences there are. Both use physical poses and breathing to alleviate tension, develop strength, and help people to feel more at one with themselves.

One main difference is that Boabom is still considered a kind of martial arts even though it’s a non-competitive medium, whilst Tai Chi is principally a form of exercise, albeit one which relies on suppressing your thoughts and using breathing and relaxation techniques. Boabom’s development was in ancient Tibet while Tai Chi originated in China.

Boabom can also include the use of accessories such as various staffs for executing a few of the moves, and giving the practice more of a self defense feel. Boabom also has subclasses such as osseous Boabom (traditional Boabom) and Seamm-Jasani (also called gentle Boabom), while there’s only one sort of Tai Chi.

Yoga Classes vs Boabom Classes – What is the Comparison?

Both Boabom and yoga are effective at improving agility and balance in addition to reducing anxiety and stress, but can you really compare the two? The main difference is that yoga isn’t a martial arts discipline while Boabom certainly is. Boabom can be taught in courses as a non-competitive, no-contact type of martial arts, however a few of the moves can still be classified under self defense. Boabom also uses short staffs and other implements which remind us of its origins in ancient martial arts.

Yoga is not a form of self defense, but it does require comparable breathing exercises and carrying out an assortment of movements to limber up the muscles and release stress. There are also many forms of yoga that range from simple to more ambitious stretches and routines, together with the ever popular hot yoga. Your own personal preferences will determine if Boabom or yoga is best for you.

Martial Arts Classes for Businesses

Martial arts classes for adults is a winning team building strategy for your staff that can also help them practice mindfulness, overcome stress and feel more productive in the workplace. It’s possible for your workers to attend a martial arts class in person, or take part in one by using Zoom online. It is also possible to have a martial arts teacher visit your workplace and conduct a class rather than taking a tai chi, kickboxing or yoga class.

You will find that there are many disciplines of martial arts to contemplate for your staff. Some involve more contact, such as karate and jiu jitsu, while Boabom is a non-competitive, no contact martial art. Your personnel may also want to try a tai chi or yoga class as yet another way to ease workplace anxiety.

Business Meditation Classes

Boost productivity and help your workers deal with stress by having them take part in meditation sessions for businesses. They can attend a meditation class in person at the studio or via Zoom, or have a meditation coach visit your place of business. Learning meditation techniques can have beneficial effects on a staff member’s home life, not just hours spent on the job.

Boston School of Boabom Reviews

“I really liked taking classes here. The art is great exercise and I like practicing it. I haven’t been back in a while because I can’t afford it, but I still practice some moves at home. One of my concerns is that there isn’t always enough stretching, although I understand there are limitations due to the length of classes. I feel like this is more important for people that don’t do yoga, or other stretches outside of the art.

This is the only location in the US. I really believe them that it is an ancient art, because if you’ve seen students spar in the highest levels, you can easily see how different it is from other martial art forms. One of the things that distinguishes Boabom, is they practice non-contact fighting because you will be taught how to hurt people if you ever need to. It is better this way for the health of people involved, but also because you really know what to do if you ever need to. In a lot of other schools, people get hurt learning to fight, but that doesn’t happen in Boabom.

I liked having the chance to have deep conversations with people before and after classes. I feel that most students are friendly and more spiritually advanced than the average person. I’d like to start going again some day. I learned a lot of valuable life skills from being a part of Boston Boabom.” Andrew

“There , I finaly managed to get all the 5 stars …because you deserve it, of couse….!!!!” Elinor Flo

Martial Arts Classes Dorchester, MA
33A Harvard St #201, Brookline, MA 02445

About Dorchester, MA

This Boston neighborhood has a population of 87,901. Dorchester also nicknamed as Dot was a separate rural town before. It has a diverse population which comprises European Americans, African Americans, Latino, Caribbean Americans, And Asian Americans. It has many same-sex couples and a high population of the LGBT community. It also has a huge population of the indigenous tribe Neponset which also has a tribal council. The founding of this settlement initially called the Thompson Island is celebrated as the Dorchester Day with a parade and festivities to mark it. This neighborhood houses the oldest religious organization of Boston. Dorchester has the distinction of holding the first town meeting in America. It’s the birthplace of the first school established in the country the Mather School and it’s the oldest school that still exists. The first gristmill was started here. The oldest surviving home the James Blake House exists in Dorchester.

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