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kids in karate position in Boston MAAn excellent alternative to Yoga, Tai-Chi, and martial arts, the Boabom Arts provide quick stress relief while helping you develop vitality and internal energy. As you progress through the practice, you will find your body becoming stronger and your mind more resilient. The Boston School of Boabom is the principal school in North America devoted to this art of meditation, relaxation, and self-defense. Located near Boston, we offer individual and group classes, both in person and online, for adults and children. Get in touch today to schedule your free intro class!

Just some of the services we offer our Boston students:

  • Relaxation Class
  • Gentle Martial Arts
  • Meditation Seminar
  • Boabom for Kids
  • Online Meditation Class
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Martial Arts Program
  • Gentle Boabom
  • Breathing Courses
  • Breathing Classes
  • Boabom Martial Art
  • Free Meditation Classes Online
  • Movement Classes
  • Boabom Meditation
  • Private Classes
  • Osseous Boabom

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Online & In-Person Movement Classes & Meditation School in Boston
Some of the services we offer our Boston students
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Meditation Classes in Boston
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About Our Boston Area Martial Arts Program

We at the Boston School of Boabom teach Seamm-Jasani, Boabom and Yaanbao, three no-contact types of martial arts that incorporate elements of self defense, mindfulness, breathing and meditation. These ancient Tibetan techniques help our students to diffuse stress and anxiety whilst feeling much more focused in their day to day life. Our Boston area classes are available in group and private one-to-one environments for both adults and children, and are conducted by our patient, gentle tutors.

Even though viewed as one of the martial arts, Boabom and its subdivisions don’t involve contact and are not competitive, therefore they teach enthusiasts how to leverage self defense strategies without the need for any aggressiveness towards other trainees. Students develop by learning new moves each week that build upon the earlier classes. This martial arts technique helps you to enhance your self-control, speed, reflexes, agility, breathing and balance to build your self confidence and maintain peace of mind as you navigate life’s challenges. You can check out our free introductory adult Boabom classes every Wednesday and Saturday.

Meditation Classes in Boston

Meditation is a practice originating in ancient India that has more purpose than ever in our stressful and demanding modern world. Combining breath control and mindfulness techniques, meditation is one of the most effective ways to lower anxiety and stress. Countless research projects have demonstrated that meditation techniques can improve sleep and lower high blood pressure and depression. Youngsters together with adults may benefit from practicing meditation.

You are able to learn to practice meditation at the Boston School of Boabom. Our still and seated meditations in the Boston area combine breathing, sound, visualization and imagination to help in slowing down our often critical inner voice and our racing thoughts. Our excellent instructors walk you through every stage of a guided mindfulness meditation, as well as gradually drawing you out of it afterwards. Our many meditation students report feeling more centered, refreshed, and ready to take on the remainder of their day after a meditation session. The meditation approach used by Boabom is called “the recycling of the mind” and among other things features stretching movements to help loosen-up the body and relieve tension in the muscles.

Martial Arts Classes Online

Online martial arts classes are an effective way to eliminate anxiety and get a bit of physical exercise throughout the coronavirus outbreak, or at times when your lifestyle demands the convenience of taking lessons in your own home. Web based martial arts classes also help you feel a connection with other folks with the same interest, regardless that you aren’t actually standing beside them. If you don’t have access to a martial arts school which teaches a discipline on the internet, YouTube is a terrific resource for locating free training. It would also be a good idea to check with martial arts schools locally to determine if they may be streaming live classes or offering online solutions.

Meditation & Breathing Classes Online

To help with providing our services during the coronavirus epidemic and to make our meditation sessions more convenient for the public, the Boston School of Boabom has begun offering online breathing and meditation classes. Instruction is conducted on the web by means of Zoom on Saturday mornings at 11 AM. The online guided meditation last for one hour and is taught by our director Yemado. You may expect exactly the same stretching and breathing exercises as in our usual in-person meditation classes. You’ll find that this is an effective approach to help reduce any anxiety and stress that you may be going through throughout these distressing days. Students can sign-up online. Optional donations can be made, but are not necessary to take part.

Tai Chi and Boabom – What’s the Difference?

As Boabom is often practiced as a substitute for Tai Chi, you might wonder precisely what the difference is. Both use bodily poses and breathing techniques to ease stress, build strength, and help students feel more connected to themselves.

One main distinction is that Boabom is still considered a form of martial arts in spite of the fact that it is non-competitive, while Tai Chi is primarily a sort of exercise, albeit one that relies on quieting the mind and employing breathing and relaxation techniques. Tai Chi began in China, while Boabom has its roots in ancient Tibet.

Boabom sometimes also includes the use of implements like various staffs for carrying out a few of the moves, and giving the discipline a little more of a self defense feel. Boabom also has some subsets which are known as Seamm-Jasani (also called gentle Boabom) and osseous Boabom (traditional Boabom), while there’s just one kind of Tai Chi.

Boabom Classes vs Yoga Classes – Do They Compare?

Both yoga and Boabom are effective at developing agility and balance as well as reducing anxiety, but how do they really compare? The primary difference is that yoga is not a martial arts discipline like Boabom certainly is. Boabom can be taught in sessions as a non-competitive, no-contact martial art, however a few of the movements may still be categorized under self defense. Boabom can also use implements such as short staffs which amplify its roots in the martial arts of the past.

Yoga is not a type of self defense, although it does involve very similar breathing exercises and carrying out a range of poses to release stress and limber up the muscles. There are also many forms of yoga that range from basic to more ambitious stretches and exercises, together with the widely popular hot yoga. Whether yoga or Boabom is perfect for you depends upon your specific preferences.

Team Building Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts classes are a winning team building activity for your employees that can also help them to overcome stress, feel more productive at work and promote mindfulness. It’s possible for your workforce to attend a martial arts class in person, or take part in one via Zoom online. It’s also possible to hire a martial arts instructor to come to your workplace and supervise a class instead of coordinating a kickboxing, tai chi or yoga session.

There are numerous disciplines of martial arts to consider for your staff. Some involve more contact, such as karate and Brazilian jiu jitsu, whilst Boabom is a no-contact, non-competitive martial art. Your workforce may also want to have a go at a yoga or tai chi class as yet another way to ease on-the-job stress.

Business Meditation Sessions

Help your employees manage stress and enhance productivity by allowing them to get involved in meditation classes for businesses. They can enroll for a meditation lesson physically at the studio or via Zoom, or have a meditation teacher visit your workplace. Learning techniques for meditation can have positive effects on an employee’s home life, as well as time spent at work.

Boston School of Boabom Reviews

“The Boston School of Boabom is a school with excellent teachers, and where everyone feels welcome” Boabom Norden

“There , I finaly managed to get all the 5 stars …because you deserve it, of couse….!!!!” Elinor Flo

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The capital city of Massachusetts Boston has a population of 694,583. It is one of the oldest municipalities and the most populous city of the state. It was the center of number of key events during the American war of revolution like the Boston massacre, the battle of bunker hill, Boston tea party and the siege of Boston. It’s a manufacturing hub, a huge cultural center of the country. It’s also a world leader in education having colleges across sectors like engineering, business, law, and medicine. Boston is a tourist destination and attracts tourists from across the globe owing to its rich historical background. It’s a scientific research center. The city has been a startup hub with more than 5000 ventures starting out of here. Biotechnology, information technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance , and so on are the economic bases of Boston. Philanthropy and economic sustainability have been high on the minds of Boston residents.

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