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An excellent alternative to Yoga, Tai-Chi, and martial arts, the Boabom Arts provide quick stress relief while helping you develop vitality and internal energy. As you progress through the practice, you will find your body becoming stronger and your mind more resilient. The Boston School of Boabom is the principal school in North America devoted to this art of meditation, relaxation, and self-defense. Located near Back Bay, we offer individual and group classes, both in person and online, for adults and children. Get in touch today to schedule your free intro class!

Just some of the services we offer our Back Bay students:

  • Breathing Classes
  • Meditation Seminar
  • Gentle Boabom
  • Online Meditation Class
  • Movement Classes
  • Boabom for Kids
  • Private Classes
  • Breathing Courses
  • Boabom Meditation
  • Relaxation Class
  • Osseous Boabom
  • Boabom Martial Art
  • Martial Arts Program
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Gentle Martial Arts
  • Free Meditation Classes Online

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Online & In-Person Movement Classes & Meditation School in Back Bay
Some of the services we offer our Back Bay students
More About Boston School of Boabom in Back Bay
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Meditation Classes At Our Back Bay Area School
Online Martial Arts Classes
Online Breathing & Meditation Classes
What’s the Difference Between Tai Chi and Boabom
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About Our Back Bay Area Martial Arts Program

The Boston School of Boabom teaches Seamm-Jasani, Boabom and Yaanbao, three styles of no-contact martial arts that combine elements of mindfulness, breathing, meditation and self defense. With their beginnings in ancient Tibet these techniques help our students to diffuse stress and anxiety while allowing them to feel more focused in their day to day life. Our Back Bay area classes are offered in one-on-one and group settings for adults and children, guided by our caring, gentle tutors.

Though regarded as one of the martial arts, Boabom and its subcategories are non-competitive and use no contact, consequently they teach enthusiasts how to employ defense tactics without showing any aggression to other participants. Students progress through mastering new movements every week that build upon the previous sessions. This martial arts technique helps strengthen your self-control, speed, balance, reflexes, breathing, agility, and more maintain peace of mind and build your self-confidence as you navigate life’s challenges. Why not make the most of our free introductory adult Boabom classes every Wednesday and Saturday?

Meditation Classes At Our Back Bay Area School

Meditation is a practice originating in ancient India that has purpose more than ever in our demanding and stressful modern world. Integrating breath control and mindfulness practices, meditation is an effective way to lessen stress and anxiety. Numerous research projects have shown that meditation techniques can improve sleep and lower high blood pressure and depressive disorders. Youngsters as well as adults may be helped by practicing meditation.

Learn to meditate at the Boston School of Boabom. Our still and seated meditations in the Back Bay area combine sound, breathing, visualization and imagination to help slow down our often critical inner voice and our racing thoughts. Our tutors walk you through every stage of a guided mindfulness meditation, including gradually easing you out of it. Our many enrollees report feeling refreshed, more centered, and ready to take on the remainder of the day following a meditation lesson. The meditation approach implemented by Boabom is known as “the recycling of the mind” and includes stretching moves to help loosen the body and break up muscular tension.

Online Martial Arts Classes

Online martial arts classes are an excellent way to combat stress and get a bit of exercise through the coronavirus outbreak, or at times when your way of life requires the ability to take lessons in your own home. Online martial arts sessions also help you feel connected to others with the same interest, in spite of the fact that you’re not actually standing next to them. If you haven’t got direct access to a martial arts school which gives instruction in one of the disciplines on the internet, YouTube is a brilliant resource to uncover free training. You could also contact martial arts schools locally to find out if they’re streaming classes or offering other online programs.

Online Breathing & Meditation Classes

To make our meditation lessons more convenient for the general public and to help continue providing our services during the coronavirus crisis, the Boston School of Boabom has begun offering online breathing and meditation lessons. Classes are conducted online by way of Zoom on Saturday mornings at 11 AM. The hour-long online guided meditation is taught by Yemado, our director. You should expect the exact same stretching and breathing techniques as in our usual in-person meditation classes. This is a terrific way to reduce any anxiety and stress that you may be having to deal with throughout these worrying days. Students are able to join online. A donation is optional, but not mandatory to take part.

What’s the Difference Between Tai Chi and Boabom?

Seeing as Boabom is frequently taught as a substitute for Tai Chi, one may wonder exactly what differences there are. Both use breathing techniques and physical poses to alleviate tension, develop strength, and help students to feel more at one with themselves.

The principal difference is that Boabom is still regarded as a kind of martial arts despite the fact that it’s non-competitive, while Tai Chi is primarily a type of exercise, even though one that depends on suppressing the mind and employing special breathing techniques. Boabom’s development was in ancient Tibet while Tai Chi started in China.

Boabom can also feature the use of implements like short staffs to carry out a few of the moves, and therefore giving the practice a little more of a self-defense type feel. Boabom has also got subclasses such as Seamm-Jasani (also called gentle Boabom) and osseous Boabom (traditional Boabom), while there’s just one type of Tai Chi.

Yoga Classes vs Boabom Classes – How do They Compare?

Both yoga and Boabom work well at boosting balance and agility in addition to reducing stress, however do they really compare? The main difference is that yoga is not a martial arts technique like Boabom certainly is. Boabom may be learned in courses as a no-contact, non-competitive martial art, however a few of the actions may still be categorized under self defense. Boabom can also use implements such as short staffs which harp back to its origins in long past martial arts.

Yoga doesn’t fall under the umbrella term of self defense, but it does call for very similar breathing techniques and executing a variety of moves to loosen the muscles and release stress. Yoga also comes in many forms which range from simple to more ambitious stretches and workouts, and the popular hot yoga. Whether yoga or Boabom is better for you depends upon your personal preferences.

Team Building Martial Arts Classes

Adult martial arts classes are a useful team building strategy for your employees which can also help them to overcome stress, practice mindfulness and feel more effective in the workplace. Your workforce can physically attend a martial arts class, or participate in one through the use of Zoom. We also offer the possibility for you to have a martial arts instructor come to your place of work and conduct a class rather than taking a yoga, kickboxing or tai chi session.

You will find that there are plenty of disciplines of martial arts that you can consider for your employees. Karate and some other Japanese martial arts along with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involve a lot more contact, while Boabom is a non-competitive, no contact kind of martial arts. Your personnel may also want to try a yoga or tai chi session as an additional way to reduce the stresses or work.

Meditation Classes for Businesses

Help your staff handle stress and boost productivity by letting them take part in meditation lessons for businesses. They can enroll for a meditation class in person at the studio or via Zoom, or have a meditation teacher pay a visit to your place of work. Learning meditation can have positive effects on a staff member’s home life, not just hours spent at work.

Boston School of Boabom Reviews

“Always chill, the Boabom School is where I go to exercise and relax every week. Every class is different and challenging, and the teachers are always energetic and inspiring.” Russen Guggemos

“I was a student at Boston Boabom, and my experience was very nice. Excellent teachers, with great optimism and support for their students. A unique and very relaxed atmosphere. I liked the way of teaching and the Boabom Art, very dinamic and eficient. I hope to visit Boston Boabom again soon. See you!” Lanatelar Textil

Martial Arts Classes Back Bay, MA
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About Back Bay, MA

A neighborhood of Boston Back Bay has a population of 16,465. Previously a bay it housed many fish weirs. This area was later built on the reclaimed land from this bay is known for its cultural institutions, individual houses of architectural significance, and Victorian brownstone rowhouses. To this day the architect of the latter is considered as the best-preserved samples of the urban designs of the country of the 19th century. The planning of Back Bay was influenced by Paris renovation featuring parallel tree-lined avenues. This predominantly considered as a residential area has a chunk of commercial space and has some well-architected office buildings like the tallest skyscraper of Boston, John Hancock Tower. This is a shopping center and home to many major hotels. A few of the Back Bay prominent buildings include Prudential Towers, Berkeley Building, Church of The Covenant, Gibson House, The Colonnade Hotel, and many more.

Are you new to Back Bay? Check out these local favorites:

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