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What Are Non Contact Martial Arts?

When first encountering Boabom, many people ask what we mean by non contact martial arts. Most martial arts that many people have practiced or seen in movies or on TV are a physical activity that involves contact, whether striking, taking, or throwing another person. So for many of us the

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On-Demand Streaming Introductory Classes

We’re happy to announce that we’re offering free introductory classes now streaming on-demand! These are twenty minute introductory classes, one each in Seamm-Jasani and Boabom. They are designed to give you a simple and effective introduction to the fundamental Boabom Arts through deep breathing, diverse warm-ups, and basic coordinative movements.

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Boabom: Breathing and Health

In this video you can learn some basic Boabom breathing techniques to help increase your respiratory health and breathing capacity. Taught by Maiyamm, senior teacher of Boabom Chile, as part of the 2020 Boabom online solstice celebration.

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Boabom Meditation

A short meditation taught by Yemado, director of the Boston School of Boabom. This meditation was originally taught as part of the 2020 Boabom online solstice celebration.

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Boabom and the Brain

Boabom is an art of integration: it brings mindfulness, movement, and self-defense together in a unified system. This kind of integration is much needed in our era of fragmentation, when time is sliced up into disjoint pieces devoted to “work”, “exercise”, “entertainment” and “relaxation”. Interestingly, the contrast between fragmentation and

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