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The Boston School of Boabom

Relaxation — Meditation — Defense

Online Boabom Meditation Seminar
this Saturday at 11:00 AM EDT (Boston/New York time)
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Yaanbao in the Field

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learn Boabom's unique, progressive style through our
gentle, defense, and kids classes.
We also offer private instruction.

what is Boabom?

Boabom is an Art of Meditation, Movement, and Defense with roots in ancient Tibet. Boabom provides quick relief from stress while developing your vitality and internal energy. Through movement and breathing, Boabom creates a complete and unique system of exercise that improves focus, coordination, confidence, physical condition, and mental well-being, all without contact or competition.

The Boston School of Boabom is the principal school in North America devoted to the transmission of these Arts. We offer group classes in our progressive arts: Gentle Boabom (Seamm-Jasani): the Art of Active Relaxation, and Osseous Boabom: the Art of Defense and Energy, as well as private instruction.

You can see videos about Seamm-Jasani here

An excellent alternative to Yoga, Tai-Chi, and martial arts, the Boabom Arts are taught in a progressive continuum of new movements, by experienced, certified teachers who have devoted years to their practice. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and respectful environment where the needs of each student are put first, without contact, competition, or hierarchy. Rather we focus on developing Imagination & Movement, Energy & Relaxation, Body & Mind. You can contact us or call at (617) 480-8237 for more information. We teach classes throughout the week and are located in Brookline Village, just adjacent to Boston.

Free Intro Class — Saturdays at Noon & Wednesdays at 8 pm

The Boston School of Boabom offers a free introductory class on Saturdays at noon and Wednesdays at 8 pm. Attendance at this class is not required before signing up for regular classes, but it is a great opportunity to learn more about Boabom and Seamm-Jasani. The class is one hour, requires no experience, and is open to everyone.

Seamm-Jasani, active meditation in the city