Jassu: Fitness and Health

Jassu, or Jass-U, is its own art, or system, devoted to warm-ups, stretching, balance, and strength. Every Seamm-Jasani, Boabom, or Yaanbao class begins with Jassu, as we warm up the body in preparation for the work of the second, or more coordinative, part of the class.

Jassu is a complete system that complements Seamm-Jasani, Boabom, and Yaanbao by improving fitness and developing physical capacity. It differs from the other Boabom Arts in that it is the prelude or the warm-up for a complete practice of the other Boabom Arts. Warming up significantly reduces our chances of injury when working with more complex movements, as does the increased strength, flexibility and balance that come as a result of practicing Jassu.

Jassu and Yoga

Jassu is somewhat comparable to Yoga in its focus on stretching, though it tends to be more active and focused on movement rather than extended or static poses. Like Yoga it focuses on moving the whole body as a complete system through a series of exercises that target the various muscle groups.

Also as in Yoga, breathing is central to Jassu, as we focus on the breath with every movement. Breath gives rhythm to the movement, helps us to be strong, relax, or ease in to or out of a stretch. And as in the Boabom Arts, the breath gives us power and strength alongside balance, calm, and deep relaxation.

The Cycles of Jassu

Jassu is organized in cycles based on the different ways in which we works with the body. It generally begins with movements to awaken the legs and arms, along with the heart and the breath. Breathing is an essential part of all Boabom, and it is through the Jassu that we introduce Boabom’s unique breathing techniques and are able to practice and understand them as we strengthen the respiratory system.

The cycles of the Jassu progress through the whole body, working not just the arms, legs, and trunk, but also the fingers, toes, neck, and even the eyes and expressive muscles of the face. Our body and mind together form a whole system; it is necessary to exercise all of it to keep ourselves healthy, fit, and in balance.

Through these cycles, Jassu activates the muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems, stimulating and strengthening them through exercise that is never too intense or dangerous, yet which helps up to improve our conditioning and flexibility through the practice of a great variety of movements.

This variety is one of the hallmarks of the Jassu, and of the Boabom Arts in general. Rather than repeat a small number of movements many times, in Jassu we go through a medium number of repetitions of a great variety of movements, both so we can exercise the whole body and so we do not exhaust or overwork any one part of the body or particular muscular group.

Jassu and the Boabom Arts

Each Boabom Art has its own Jassu that is interconnected with the movements of the Art. The Jassu for Seamm-Jasani is gentle and quiet, providing a soft but effective warm-up. For Boabom, the Jassu is stronger and more active, and in Yaanbao Jassu we learn control and agility with the staff or other element.

Jassu is a unique and essential part of any Boabom class. Like an active yoga, it develops the body and mind in unison while preparing us for the work of the other Boabom Arts.