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The Boston School of Boabom is attracting those who seek a new kind of Eastern art to relieve the stresses of modern life… Because it requires no long-term commitment, lifestyle changes or dogma, Boabom is particularly adaptable to the lives of busy professionals, its school an incensed Shangri-la for the chronically stressed.” — The Boston Globe

During the class, students breathe loudly in unison, sharply in through their noses and forcefully through their mouths. Their breaths coincide with the various movements. The movements students learn, which look like self-defense and stretching, were done for the most part rapidly and sharply, with much energy… A slower form of Boabom, called Seamm-Jasani, is also taught at the school, and advanced classes sometimes use props, such as sticks, in their movements... The health benefits of Boabom include stress relief and overall fitness, according to students” — Brookline Tab

The goal of Boabom is to take care of the body and the mind, and to see that the mind-body connection is one entity so that you are able to go through life happy. So what we do here at the school is to move with the purpose of being more relaxed and more present. And with the movement, we teach you how to breathe and how to focus. So that's what Boabom is-it's a system, an ancient Tibetan system, of movement that can be thought of as meditation in movement.” — Weekly Dig

“Boabom's flowing style aims to exercise the body and enhance the mind.” — The Improper Bostonian

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