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Osseous Boabom

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Osseous Boabom can be described as "the Art of Self-Healing through Self-Defense." Progressive in its teaching, this non-contact Art rewards with new movements, stretches, and challenges for as long as the student wishes to learn.

Within this course you will study and practice movements that develop fast reactions, agility, self-control, balance, speed, precise reflexes, spontaneity, breathing (as a method to control your body and mind), concentration, and the projection of internal energies. You will study a precise and extraordinary form of defense that is realized and perfected through an improvised dance, and at the same time is an awakening of your self-confidence and internal force (Mahaprana in Sanskrit).

The movements are taught progressively, as part of a chain in which each new movement is linked to the previous, forming an infinite continuum of thousands of techniques: circular, straight, retracting, rising, etc.