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Student Fees

  • Once Per Week
  • Twice Per Week
  • Standard Rates
  • $60/month
  • $80/month
  • Student/Senior
  • $48/month
  • $64/month

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* You can come once or twice a week to any of the classes listed.
* Coming to class once a week costs $60 per month.
* Twice a week (within the same Art) costs $80 per month.
Class schedules...

Discount Rates
We offer different discounts (you can ask only for one of them):
* Full time students and senior citizens have a 20% discount.
* There is a 20% spouse/family discount. When one family member pays full price, the second, third, and so on each receive a 20% discount.
* New students that bring a copy of either of Asanaro's books, The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani or The Secret Art of Boabom, receive a one-time $15 discount.